Exclusive Provider Program

Let our “Exclusive Provider Program” work for you!


You may already know of us, as we work with many HOA’s in central Indiana. What you may not know is that we offer a special program called the Exclusive Provider Program. This FREE program offers home owners discounted rates on mailbox materials and installation. All you have to do is refer your residents solely to Otto’s Streetscape Solutions for their mailbox needs. This can be done by advertising in your newsletter, on your neighborhood website, or by word of mouth.

Yes…it’s that simple. By signing our Exclusive Provider Program Agreement, you will receive additional benefits and guaranteed pricing for up to two years. Even if we have a rate increase, your neighborhood’s pricing will remain untouched! Why require your homeowners to pay more when you can partner with Otto’s and offer them great discounts, quality products, and excellent customer service?

Benefits of the Exclusive Provider Program

A hassle-free option for keeping your neighborhood uniform

Discounts on all materials and installation


A “Week of Special Pricing” with additional savings each year of your agreement and you choose the week!


Guaranteed, locked in pricing for duration of the agreement


All orders are custom made in house

Week of Special Pricing

Even if your neighborhood doesn’t want to participate in our Exclusive Provider Program, you still have an opportunity to save your residents money with a Week of Special Pricing.  Here’s how it works…the HOA Board will choose a week that works best for you and then advertise the sale to your residents. Upon request, Otto’s will provide an electronic flyer with pricing that outlines the savings on each item required in your neighborhood.

Then Otto’s will take care of the rest!  All orders are collected during the sale week and installation is completed at the same time when finished.  It’s that simple! For more information or to schedule a Week of Special Pricing for your neighborhood, please call Hilary or Raychel at 317-886-4400.