HOA Information

Welcome to Otto’s Streetscape Solutions’ HOA Information hub, where we introduce our Exclusive Provider Program tailored to enhance your neighborhood’s aesthetics and adherence to HOA regulations.

Exclusive Provider Program

Join our Exclusive Provider Program to streamline mailbox management for your HOA. As a trusted partner of many HOAs in central Indiana, we offer a hassle-free solution for maintaining uniformity in your neighborhood.
Program Highlights:
Signing up is easy! By entering into an Exclusive Provider Program Agreement, you secure additional benefits and guaranteed pricing, ensuring your residents receive quality products and excellent customer service at discounted rates.

Week of Special Pricing

Even if your neighborhood chooses not to participate in our Exclusive Provider Program, you can still provide cost savings to your residents through our Week of Special Pricing.
How It Works:
For more information or to schedule a Week of Special Pricing for your neighborhood, call 317-886-4400. Partner with Otto’s Streetscape Solutions to elevate your community’s mailbox experience while adhering to HOA guidelines.
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