Burberry Place Neighborhood

Exclusive Provider Pricing valid from January 2019 through December 31, 2020.
*All prices include 7% sales tax if applicable


Mailbox and Post

$250.38 Customer Pickup
$330.38 Professional Installation


Mailbox Only

$86.67   Customer Pickup
$102.72 Delivery for Customer Installation
$116.67 Professional Installation


Post Only

$163.71 Customer Pickup
$243.71 Professional Installation



Additional Services

Post Maintenance
$40.00 + Trip charge if applicable

$26.01 Copper or Galvanized Steel
Guarding protects post
from the weed eater

8″ Side Mounted Newspaper Holder
$43.34 + Trip charge if applicable

Additional Information

  • Pricing listed above is discount pricing for Burberry Place
  • Payment is due at order placement. (Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Check)
  • Please verify that the address is 100% accurate. Mailboxes produced with inaccurate information can incur a $50.00 additional charge.
  • Customer is responsible for accurately marking the location of any irrigation systems or pet containment systems prior to post installation.
  • Otto’s Streetscape Solutions cannot perform “Post Maintenance” services on a rotting post, please inspect your post for rot prior to order.
  • Otto’s Streetscape Solutions will produce a unit consistent with HOA Guidelines.