Powder coated T3Did you know that powder coating is a very common practice? There are things we use every day that are powder coated and we never thought twice about it. Items like filing cabinets, microwave ovens, water heaters and barbecue grills are powder coated. Lawn mowers, metal fencing, satellite dishes and pet cages are also powder coated. Even parts of your car are powder coated! So it makes sense that your mailbox could benefit from powder coating as well since it’s used on a daily basis. Mailboxes are exposed to the elements and can really take a beating but what exactly is powder coating?

Powder coating is an electrostatic process that uses a dry powder spray technique to cover the surface of the metal. The box is then placed in an oven at temperatures at or around 200° C (390° F) in order to heat or cure the coating. This allows the powder to melt evenly and bond itself to the metal. This creates a “skin” or hard finish which will make the mailbox more durable than with conventional paint. In other words, Google defines powder-coating as to “cover (an object) with a polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated to fuse into a protective layer.”

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More than 80% of the mailboxes we sell are powder coated and we work hard to provide you with a quality product. Otto’s recommends washing your powder coated mailbox periodically throughout the year. This is especially important if we’ve had a harsh winter. Certain products and chemicals (such as road salt, acetone and benzyl alcohol) will remove the powder coat and diminish the appearance of your mailbox. Be sure to check the list of ingredients before cleaning any powder coated surface. We also suggest waxing your mailbox twice a year with regular car wax. When you apply the wax, pay close attention to the hinges. This area suffers the most stress from daily use and can be a “pocket” for holding moisture and debris. Waxing will help prevent rust and ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. If properly cared for, your powder coated mailbox should last more than 5 years.

If you’d like to see for yourself the difference between factory painted and powder coated mailboxes, feel free to stop by our show room to check our display. If you have any specific questions about powder coating or would like to purchase a new mailbox, please give us a call at (317) 886-4400 or send us an email (info@ostreetscape.com).