DSCN4710We are often asked the same question….”Do you sell just the parts or do I have to buy the own thing?”

This is an excellent question, by the way, and one that we thought would be perfect to include on our website. The answer is YES and NO. Allow us to explain….

Customers can purchase a mailbox or post separately depending on their needs. All orders are custom so just tell us what’s going on with your mailbox unit and we will help you correct it. With that being said, mailboxes are manufactured as one piece (a door and the mailbox frame). This means if the door falls off, you DO have to replace the entire mailbox. Otto’s is unable to sell you just the door. As with everything, there is always an exception. If the flag fells off, you’re in luck because we can offer you a flag kit. If the address stickers are peeling off, we can reprint those and they are fairly easy to replace.

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Moving onto the mailbox posts….

Customers who currently have cedar mailbox units can also purchase a post by itself along with some or all of its parts. For example, the support arm (which is the slanted piece under the mailbox and is either straight or decorative) can be purchased individually as well as the side-mounted newspaper holder. If you just want the vertical part of the unit that goes into the ground (without the arm that the mailbox attaches to or the support mentioned earlier), you can do that too. However, the finial (which is the decorative piece on top) and a built-in newspaper holder aren’t available as standalone pieces. **For those of you with metal posts, the possibilities are endless depending on your specific unit. We would prefer to discuss those options with you directly**

We know…it sounds complicated…but we will do our best to sort it out for you.

Here’s where it gets a little easier. There are several smaller pieces of this mailbox puzzle that can be sold separately and are fairly easy to apply. Below is a list of other items:

  1. Post Guarding – a galvanized steel or copper colored metal to protect your post from the edger/trimmer
  2. Stainless Steel Latch – The Address Art boxes only have a latch that can be replaced
  3. Post Paint – We sell quarts of paint in every color we offer
  4. Flag Kit – We have replaces for both the Standard mailboxes and the Address Art mailboxes
  5. Vinyl Graphics – these are printed to order and come in a sheet to simplify application. We will also supply you with an instruction sheet (and a brief demonstration if you pick up from our office)

So in the grand scheme of things, we do just sell the parts but as you know, every situation is different. If you aren’t sure what’s needed to get your mailbox back in order, just give us a call and we will work with you to figure it out.