tighten doorHave you ever pulled into your driveway and noticed that the mailbox door is wide open? Have you ever had to collect wet, soggy mail from your mailbox because the door won’t stay shut? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Otto’s would like to help you solve this frustrating problem. We know that the door to your mailbox handles a lot of daily wear and tear so a periodic adjustment is completely normal. With only one tool and a few simple steps, you’ll quickly be able to tighten your mailbox door and save yourself from additional winter headaches.

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We know that mailboxes come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. Now we would like to be able to say that the following instructions apply to every mailbox imaginable but unfortunately, we can’t say that. If you have a plastic mailbox, then we’re afraid this won’t be of much use to you. However, if your mailbox is metal or galvanized steel then you will want to head to the garage for your secret weapon.

ITEM NEEDED:     Pliers – We recommend Flat-jaw or Chain-nose pliers for this job. (Needle-nose pliers may be too small for what you want to accomplish).

                                       Towel/Rag – This will be used to protect the mailbox from damage by using a metal tool to bend a metal mailbox.

INSTRUCTIONS:     1. Start by opening the mailbox door and locating the metal clasp (or lip) on the upper inside portion of the door.  This is                                                     the piece that grasps the frame of the mailbox and holds the door in place.  Now lay the towel or rag over the clasp.

2.  With the pliers, bend the clasp up slightly. You shouldn’t have to bend this piece very much in order to fix the problem. Once you’ve completed that step, try testing the adjustment by closing and opening the door. If you’ve bent the clasp too much, use the pliers to bend it down a little or if it’s still too loose bent it up more. Don’t forget to use the towel or rag anytime you make an adjustment.

3.  If the door is out of alignment, you can attempt to straighten the metal by hand so that it aligns with the actual mailbox. Once complete, then follow steps 1 and 2 to secure the door.

If you decide that your mailbox is unable to be fixed or is damaged beyond repair, give Otto’s a call at (317) 886-4400. Our experienced estimators can help you with all of your mailbox needs.